Victoria "Vico" Ortiz| San Juan, Puerto Rico | Los Angeles, CA


Child of Puerto Rican actors Gerardo Ortiz and Evelyn Rosario, Vico was influenced by the arts from the moment they were born. The stage was their first love, followed by fencing in their pre-teens. Most of their teenage life was spent traveling the world representing Puerto Rico in the National Fencing Team as their saber fencer, including the Panamerican Games in Rio '07. Once High School was over, they packed their bags and moved to Los Angeles, CA to study at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. There, they rekindled their love for the performative arts and discovered their calling. 


Thei mission is to showcase diversity in the Latinx culture on Stage, TV  and Film. They want young queers and people around the globe to see characters on screen that are relatable no matter their background, their sexual orientation or gender identity. They are excited to ride this wave of new content and can't wait to share it to the world.